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Discussion on: Get your first dev job by building these projects! #2: Markov Chain Lyrics Generator

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Cat McGee

Hi Ian, yeah unfortunately this happens. If you look at the GItHub repo, somebody actually merged a PR to help with that.

You can use sleep from Python's time module, and sleep for random intervals while you scrape the lyrics. That way AZLyrics doesn't pick up that you are a bot.

Fortunately, after getting the lyrics you don't have to run it again so you can avoid the ban!

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ianainslie • Edited

Hi Cat, I just wanted to pop by and say thanks again. I decided to make a few changes to your original code:

  • Rewrote most of it to use BeautifulSoup, as I understand that module better
  • Dropped the Markov chains, as they were not really working for me. Made more use of the random module
  • Created a GUI (which in turn lead to me learning a tonne of stuff about TKinter)

I am now working on a new project and was just wondering how many do employees like to see in a portfolio for entry level software engineers?
Also, does blogging about projects help in gaining employment? I have my own site (, so that would be easy to initiate if worthwhile.
Lastly, thanks again for the whole 2.20 videos thing - it lit a fire under my arse to make the transition from tutorial watcher to project maker.