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Discussion on: Mistakes come for Juniors and Seniors alike

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Catriel Lopez

Great article. I'm curious about this bit:

In my third job (less than 2 years experience) I failed to release to production one feature we have been working on for months, when I finally got it to production it was riddled with bugs, some parts of the workflow were not usable at all.

Do you feel there was a lack of supervision?

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Patricio Ferraggi Author • Edited on

Now, after a few more years in the industry, I do feel there was a lack of supervision. Not saying it was not my problem, on the contrary, knowing what I know now I would raise why was I the only one doing the deploy while the sr devs were on holidays? Shouldn't we had a set of unit tests and integration tests? Maybe delivering a big feature after months without client feedback was not a good idea after all?