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I've written two posts on logging in JavaScript that might be helpful:
Should you use a logging framework or console.log() in Node?

^ In this one I make the argument that often console.log() and console.error() are enough to get the job done, unless you have a use case for custom log levels, for writing to different outputs/locations (I recommended against doing this), or need the ability to toggle logs on and off.

If I do have that use case I use Winston as it's pretty well supported.

Why should your Node.js application not handle log routing?

^ this one hopefully helps answer your question about storing logs and logging infrastructure

I always write to stdout/stderr (the console module writes here) as it's really easy for Docker or other containers to pick up the logs from there and route them wherever you need to (Splunk, a database, etc.).

In a container/distributed/cloud environment it becomes much easier to manage the logs and adheres to the 12 Factor best practices for logging.

In this way, the log routing is decoupled from the concerns of the application. All the application then cares about is writing to console, and infrastructure-wise, the container picks up the logs and takes care of them from there.

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