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Discussion on: Bugfixing my career

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Christopher Corbo • Edited on

I dont think this Post will get any hate.
Every experienced developer Sees himself in this Story. I Do. I am also too good - I got thrown at every bigger project. It really sucks having only high demanding and pressuring customer All the time. I had 3 weeks off this year, and I take a lot of open holidays in 2021.

I Was in the exact Spot as you were in december, after hitting 80+ hrs weeks after another for a lot of weeks. On holidays now, I finally found the time and mood to dig a bit into Java frameworks again (Apache camel) and play around with svelte when I dont like to think too deep into camel.

I'm planning to cut the time in my work, becoming a 9 to 5 guy by saying more 'no' to others and Start looking for freelance Jobs to get into it maybe.

So,you are not alone and I think a lot of US Can relate to your Situation. Good to See you made it out of the wheel and feel better.II hope I Can escape too.