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re: I'm really glad you like it. I hope that you fix your router problem quickly. I wish I had seen your comment earlier so I could help but you seem t...

Hi Arswaw I finally made progress with the routing but it became a bit complex with the login/authorization process and all and I quit; I'm not planning to do a SPA (for now!)

My stuff is mostly PHP + Javascript, the traditional. But the ever increasing need for dynamic blocks, which I covered with JQuery (painfully; JQuery is great but not designed for that) I might move to Vue without issue for those "bricks" that I need to add to the page (axios is incredibly straightforward for ajax too).

I now found a very cheap hosting with node.js so now node.js is possible too, but somehow it introduces another layer, and for my usage, this is a very good toolset.

Looking forward to future articles of yours in the matter!

Yeah, router guards can be difficult to set up. I'm guessing that's one of the tasks you had to do to prevent people from gaining unauthorized access by manually typing paths in the address bar.

PHP is tried and true. If it works for you that's great. I'm sure that you'll have no problem transferring that knowledge over to Node.js + Vue. You might also use the Fetch API instead of Axios if you haven't considered that already.

Thanks for your comment! I'd like to write some more articles on this to help spur additional interest from developers like you.

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