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Using this now! I had a question about code snippets but I was able to figure it out using markdown. Thanks for sharing!


Yes, the post you write is completely in markdown. I'm sorry I did not mention it.


I'm getting an "internal server error" when I try to publish. Any ideas how I could troubleshoot this? I'm not extremely fluent with VS Code extensions yet.


This version of the extension, simply calls the API and shows the response of the API. I will work on this, so these errors will be more readable in one of the upcoming versions.

I think you're getting this error because one of the front matter properties are not filled in - for more info see the api docs and search for front matter.
For now, feel free to DM me your blog post (or a trimmed down version) and I can take a look.

That makes sense! I didn't have the cover image and canonical url filled out. I'll let you know how it goes with my next post, planning on making another by early next week.

For what its worth, I just tried it with an empty image and canonical and it seems to be working on my end. The only required field (that I know of) is the title

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