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I don’t know where I read this (ironic, right?), but the idea is that we need to interact with something 7 times, in 7 different ways, to really remember it.
Take for example a code snippet or a solution to a problem.

  1. Read it on an article before you know you need it.
  2. Hear it on a podcast.
  3. Read it on a course.
  4. See it explained on video.
  5. Write it down on your study notes.
  6. Dig it up to use it somewhere when you actually need it
  7. Remember it from your memory to use it again months later

The process will be different for different types of information, but I think it’s interesting to consider that maybe exposure time and types have something to do with it. Even writing it down once could not be enough (has happened to me!). It really depends on the person and what you’re learning.


ha ha, I am right there with you. I was also looking for an article on the rule of 7 when I wrote this, but I couldn't find it. I've read that you can write something down 7 times, repeat it 7 times and you should be able to remember it for long term. Most of us don't have time for writing something down 7 times so writing it down once, is better than none.

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