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I had a Dell with Windows about 10 years ago. It was giant, heavy, cheap plastic, some parts were sticky for some reason, and I had to keep it on top of another giant cooling system. It was like 15cm tall, closed. Slow as a slug, uncomfortable keys, unresponsive touchpad. And the cables! Oh no. I hated everything about it.

Then I got a MacBook Pro in 2015. Thin, slim, beautiful, fast, metal! Everything is just fantastic.
I hope I never have to change it. If I ever do, I’ll buy the same one again.


I feel you, I use to have one of those computers as well.

To be fair the new Dells are light years better than those of 10 years ago :-)

You also have which is probably the best MacBook Pro edition ever made, if not the best laptop ever made.

I'm holding out for the 2019 model, hopefully they'll get it right this time:

It's not that hard, they just need to bring back the perfect keyboard they had and provide an option without the touch bar. Everything else is mostly fine!

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