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I've worked in both environments and have seen projects succeed and fail in both methodologies. As techies we tend to be think in deterministic way and often forget about the human factor. Code development is a dance between us and our clients. We may know and execute the waterfall or agile perfectly, but for many clients, this is their first time.

If we fail to teach or they fail to learn how a process (any process) works, the project will stumble, be delayed, or even bomb.

For a savvy client that has an established, known, agreed upon, and working process, waterfall is perfect. You gather the requirements. They sign off. You code, test, and deliver. Boom! Happy client.

But then take a not so savvy client with an evolving process, no clear product owner, discord within the ranks, endless change orders; Agile is your only hope of delivering.....something.

If you can't communicate to your client, if you can't establish a human connection, no method in the world is going help you. Methodologies don't deliver solutions, people do.


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