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Instead of your organization owning all the servers, you pay Microsoft for the privilege to use theirs. With that privilege comes the right to ask Microsoft quickly for more powerful servers, less powerful servers (cheaper), or simply more servers, etc.

It's hard to define exactly what it is because there are many different flavors of detail, but the sales theory is you put your organizational resources towards what your organization is good at (hopefully why your business exists) and let Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc. handle a lot of the details of infrastructure.

My company is actually in the process to switching to Azure from current on premise servers owned and operated by the corporation. Using Azure we have the ability to pretty quickly spin up more servers to handle the increased load. If we were not using Azure we'd have to have someone buy more servers, someone configure them, etc. etc. With Azure we can pretty easily "request" more servers from Azure and change our infrastructure because we are just tapping into what Microsoft has instead of having to do everything directly ourselves.

There are other benefits you'll hear about "infrastructure as code" but IMO the main benefit is having someone else "buy the groceries" after you say what meal you want to cook.

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