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Discussion on: Tracking your progress to improve your confidence

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Charisse • Edited

This is such a great idea to put learnings into a repo! I also have mine, but they're in a notebook and can be hard to scan at at times. Will def try it out and see how it works for me :)
One question I have though is when do you usually get to "investigate" the stuff that's one the "To investigate" section?

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Codeidoscope Author

During my apprenticeship, I would block out time during my day to explore the concepts more in-depth if I felt they were going to be important. I would also use my downtime (my commute, the hour I'd be in the office for before I started work, my lunchtime, or weekends sometimes) to investigate things that were not directly relevant.

I don't alway get to all of them, because my priorities and interests change and I adapt according to these. However, having that list makes it considerably easier than trying to remember that product I'd heard of that would do this thing that I can't quite remember 😃