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Discussion on: What would your opinion be of a "reading position" indicator on DEV?

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Charles Landau

I don't think this should be turned on by default. Hear me out:

An example of this feature really working is spaCy, in my opinion. spaCy is displacing NLTK to some extent, so compare their website: NLTK

For all the design choices in their website hint at their modernity. It feels like a subtle way of doing the bit from the old spice commercial

That works for spaCy to help convince you: "we are the new hot stuff. We do the sexy. Look how slick our site is. It has all the bells and whistles." needs none of that. When you first come here it feels busy but uncluttered. It has everything you want a modern blog platform to have. It feels like it's for devs.

"Busy but uncluttered" is hard to do. I feel like adding this feature would unnecessarily risk that asset.

Disclaimer: I'm no design expert.

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