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Discussion on: The Four Stages of your Coding Journey

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Charles Siwele

This was very insightful. And discomfortingly similar to my personal experience.
I started my programming journey some 6 years ago when I received a bursary for studying an intensive o1 year software development course. The journey, which I believe I will outline in greater detail in a post of my own in future, took me from your initial phase, around ina few circles, back and forth between phases, across a couple of jobs. Over and under some personal psychological barriers
(mostly self-imposed) some running away from cide and tryning to go the "analyst" route before realizing the code was where I was destined to settle.. with some focus my careers could have been further along but the lessons and the journey are things no one can take away from me and I have to own it, appreciate it and embrace that it all ultimately led to my current place.
Great post!