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I'm Vinnie. I'm a recovering sales/customer service rep trying to right my ways by breaking into web dev. I'm currently in an agile full-stack web and mobile hybrid boot camp. I'm about three weeks in - two nights a week for four hours - and I feel like my head is about to explode. I found this through a free online JS tutorial that uses Scrimba. I'm trying to find as many resources as I can to help me understand what is being taught. I'm an avid fisherman. I play the guitar. I have a logical mind and this development stuff just seems to "make sense" to me - sometimes :(


I've learned a lot here! But never had the chance to join, you will like this page so much!


I have done sales and customer rep work also in the past. Sales is usually pretty fun and customer service is awesome if you work for a good company.


Hey Vinnie! Best of luck with the bootcamp, I'm sure you can do it. Back at university we were told that programming takes on average 8 months to "click"--not sure how true it is, but nonetheless glad it's making sense :D


Hi Vince and Welcome! I also just joined this community and I too got into coding through a bootcamp! The bootcamp will be hard, but also try to enjoy it and embrace the learning curve! I look back to my bootcamp with so much joy, it really started my love for coding. Best of luck!

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