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Discussion on: Staying Alert Without Caffeine

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James Nutter

sips coffee I will consider this.

I've drastically reduced my caffeine intake this year by just going to bed earlier. Getting a legit night's sleep is probably the best favor you can do for yourself! Good tips my friend.

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Kinyanjui Wangonya Author

I agree. Sleep is underrated. I've noticed that on days that I'm under pressure to deliver something before a deadline, the work I do very late at night is so full of silly mistakes that I don't even realize while I do the work. I end up wishing later that I had slept and woken up early to do the work when fresh. A good rest really does refresh the mind 👍🏾

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Jan Schröder

+1 I had to get past mid-30 to learn the lesson. If given the choice to work late or go to bed and get up early, the latter always yields better results. For me at least.