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Secure score in Azure Security Center

With so many services offering security benefits, it's often hard to know what steps to take first to secure and harden your workload. The Azure secure score reviews your security recommendations and prioritizes them for you, so you know which recommendations to perform first. This helps you find the most serious security vulnerabilities so you can prioritize investigation. Secure score is a tool that helps you assess your workload security posture.

Secure score calculation
Security Center mimics the work of a security analyst, reviewing your security recommendations, and applying advanced algorithms to determine how crucial each recommendation is. Azure Security center constantly reviews you active recommendations and calculates your secure score based on them, the score of a recommendation is derived from its severity and security best practices that will affect your workload security the most.
Security Center also provides you with an Overall secure score.
Overall secure score is an accumulation of all your recommendation scores. You can view your overall secure score across your subscriptions or management groups, depending on what you select. The score will vary based on subscription selected and the active recommendations on these subscriptions.

Improve your secure score in Azure Security Center.

View the secure score in the Azure Portal

  1. In the Azure dashboard, click Security Center and then click Secure score.
  2. At the top you can see Secure score highlights:
    • The Overall secure score represents the score per policies, per selected subscription
    • Secure score by category shows you which resources need the most attention
    • Top recommendations by secure score impact provides you with a list of the recommendations that will improve your secure score the most if you implement them. Alt Text
  3. Click View recommendations to see the recommendations for that subscription that you can remediate to improve your secure score.
  4. In the list of recommendations, you can see that for each recommendation there is a column that represents the Secure score impact. This number represents how much your overall secure score will improve if you follow the recommendations. For example, in the screen below, if you Remediate vulnerabilities in container security configurations, your secure score will increase by 35 points. Alt Text

View the individual secure scores

In addition, to view individual secure scores, you can find these within the individual recommendation blade.
The Recommendation secure score is a calculation based on the ratio between your healthy resources and your total resources. If the number of healthy resources is equal to the total number of resources, you get the maximum secure score of the recommendation of 50. To try to get your secure score closer to the max score, fix the unhealthy resources by following the recommendations.
The Recommendation impact lets you know how much your secure score improves if you apply the recommendation steps. For example, if your secure score is 42 and the Recommendation impact is +3, performing the steps outlined in the recommendation improve your score to become 45.

  1. Click any of the recommendations in the Secure Score blade. The recommendation shows which threats your workload is exposed to if the remediation steps are not taken. Alt Text

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