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Discussion on: Stand Up a Node.js Server with NestJS including TypeScript and GraphQL

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I wish there was React-style Node.js framework...
Nest.js is great, but I more of React person rather than Angular.

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Hein Dauven

If you mean barebones, then you already have that with Nodejs. Or Koa.

I really like Nestjs. It really forces you to work in an architecturally sound way.

There are a few things I dislike though, namely:

  • Too much boilerplate.
  • Docs don't help if you stray off the common path. (social providers auth with sessions for instance.)
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Aryan J Author

Hey Hein:

You're right. The docs don't have recipes for many things (as you said, social providers auth with sessions). They do feature an authentication section that describes using passport.js to create an AuthenticationModule. Have you taken a look at that?

I'm looking for new material to write. Do you think a blog post / set of videos that cover social provider authentication would help?

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Hein Dauven • Edited on

Hey Aryan, yes I've followed the docs but didn't find it too helpful for the issues I faced. (backend & frontend on different ports, causing same site cookies to not be attached, lack of API docs for some strategies. Not knowing which parameters are available and what they do. )

A lot can be written about social providers and authentication, like:

  • sessions VS jwt, when one is preferred over the other.
  • Sessions and JWT in the same app. (sessions for users, jwt for API requests server to server)
  • Retrieving specific data from social providers
  • Implementing social providers the nestjs way.

Many of the examples I found online for Nestjs + social providers contained way too much code and didn't feel like a solid Nestjs way of doing things. A curated approach would be very welcome, be it in article and/or video form.

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Max • Edited on

No, not barebones, but with some actual architecture. Just without abstract classes, decorators and fabrics. Something more functional and declarative.

Koa isn't full blown framework, it is just web-server. Would be nice to have something on top.

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Muco Rolle Tresor

This is what I wish too