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Discussion on: Answering Singularity Criticisms

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Peter Harrison Author

Modern digital computers are about 70 years old. The modern Internet is about 30 years old. In 1908 the first plane took off, and in 1969 we landed on the moon. The rate of progress is only increasing. Google, facebook and others are working on general intelligence, spending billions. As I said in the article we can't predict the future in detail, but the trajectory looks like getting there in a pretty short time frame, within ten years, possibly much shorter.

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Giacomo Tesio

I wouldn't qualify the current Web as progress.

It lost its way when a turing complete language was introduced by Netscape.

As for a general AI, I don't think you really understand the matter.

Yeah, aerospace engineering has been steadily progressing in the last 70 years.

Do you think we will reach Andromeda next year?

That's basically what you are saying.