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Discussion on: PostgreSQL vs MongoDB

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Peter Harrison

The Java GraphQL implementation assumes a fixed schema burnt into the binary; same orthodox philosophy.It took me a while to be able to generate the schema dynamically in order to expose GraphQL endpoints that would dynamically change as users modified the data structures. One of the requirements I was given was to introduce GraphQL endpoints to our system.

If it was an orthodox app this would be quite easy, you just write the classes required to get data from the model. No worries. Only if you are able to add or modify schema at runtime what do you do? It was a little fiddly, in that I had to have a trigger mechanism when the data design changes in order to programatically rebuild the GraphQL schema. Obviously this is far from ideal. Dynamic modification of a schema would be better than rebuilding.

Also built a bunch of functions to do various queries which are not really part of GraphQL syntax, but can be supported. However, to be blunt the implementation of the GraphQL library I used forced me into doing hundreds of queries to fulfill requests. A better way would be to convert the GraphQL into a single aggregation which can be run and returned.

GraphQL is another example of a technology which while helpful can drive developers into domain binding.

The problem isn't that building applications bound to a data structure is always wrong, rather that is has become so orthodox that developers don't even question it. I was one of them. I thought that using anything but SQL was insanity.

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Daragh Byrne

I can't disagree with any of that! I just got your point :)

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