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Discussion on: What Bootcamp did you attend and would you recommend it?

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Stephen E. Chiang • Edited

For veterans, I believe there's only one or maybe two bootcamps certified to receive VA funds, since continuing education benefits primarily apply to degrees and vocational certifications. The requirements are high so the the school must really really want to help veterans out to become and stay VA certified.

That said, the Skill Distillery in Denver has some seriously dedicated instructors. The curriculum during my time was full-stack Java web development...I believe they're teaching both angular and react now, but can't say for sure.

I don't use any of the technologies they taught because I left the US market. But what I do use everyday is the general programming principles and concepts they taught me so that I could learn new technologies quickly enough.

Like anything else though, you get what you put in. You don't come out of any bootcamp no matter how concentrated it is as an expert or even novice web developer. You are a beginner with a good base who hopefully learned how to continue to learn your way into experience.