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Discussion on: What is a good to-do list app for a group of students?

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Stephen E. Chiang • Edited on

that's too bad, I haven't seem to run into these friction points. I use it on my phone as a workout tracker, todo-list, hour log, recipe book, etc.

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I do really want to love it. Maybe I'll have to give it another try just as my home planner, then just stick to Keep for quick thoughts during the day, and be more intentional about importing those quick notes into Notion at the end of the day.

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Scott Simontis

I was the same way. I am huge on knowledge management, have probably tried every program out there. I thought Notion was going to be my savior, but it seemed like most features were 80% of what I wanted and I wasn't going to get that last 20%. They've been talking about releasing the API for at least a year, and I have repeatedly told them if they added a plugin system or open-sourced it I would spend a substantial amount of time working on it.

I use Bear on OS X for note-taking now. It does notes very well. I like asciidoctor syntax too, but the editing environments leave something to be desired. I like ClickUp for project management, and it has a limited free tier. It runs circles around Notion for PM.