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As long as they aren’t spam, then they should count! AFAIK besides that there’s no upper limit for Hacktoberfest PRs.


what would count as spam?

(I am new to open source. I am sorry for asking childish questions)


Not childish at all, don’t worry! Spam are ones that the maintainers close and mark as “invalid”. I would do this for example if someone opens a PR that doesn’t have any meaningful changes (ie they open a PR changing a headline to their own name)

Okay, so as I am at a beginner level. I added 3-algorithms/basic codes to repositories that asked for it. and 3 of them merged it. So it's cool, right?

Yes sounds like it! Even if they don’t get merged, they still count for Hacktoberfest as long as they aren’t marked invalid 🙌🏻

Cool, Thankyou!


Ya you can make more PRs in similar way


alright. Thank you :)