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Kubernetes Authentication in AWS EKS Using IAM Authenticator

How Kubernetes integrates with AWS IAM authenticator

EKS Authentication. Image from AWS

There is a different way of authentication to Kubernetes based on different cloud provider implementations. I will specifically discuss authentication implemented by AWS EKS. This article should clarify the following questions.

  • How authentication works in EKS?
  • What is AWS IAM Authenticator for Kubernetes?
  • What does “aws eks get-token” do in KubeConfig to access EKS cluster?
  • What is “aws-auth” Configmap in EKS?
  • How can I add AWS users/roles to access EKS cluster?
  • How do AWS users/roles map to Kubernetes users and groups in EKS?
  • How do I generate KubeConfig for EKS cluster?
  • How do users get authorized to perform specific Kubernetes actions?

Take a look at this article to find detailed explanation with hands-on use case -

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