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Discussion on: Where do I start with writing a web page nowadays?

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Joseph Rea

I would say is the best place to start for a more modern approach.

It is a huge pain to get all of the things set up correctly in order to make even the most basic app in react. That takes the pain out of it, and enforces some industry standard practices. While doing everything in the react-specific way, which does have some learning curve, the amount of documentation and the generally transferable architecture and way of thinking is well worth it.

Since it is industry standard, you get full access to the js ecosystem too, so a lot of the "app" would be stitching things together that other people build and maintain, which is great.

For the "stack", I would just use

I would read though, since you're using react. It's a bit dated (using hooks in react is pretty dope), but will get you 100% of the way there, also the apollo docs will give you basically all the express (nodes http server) info you need.

For development, I use I used to have an ultra customized vim setup. vscode is better in every way I can think of. And it has vi bindings.

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Robin Moffatt Author

This is great, thanks!

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