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Discussion on: Share your portfolio if you want feedback! (CLOSED)

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Madza Author

What I liked:

  • The speed and overall UX of the site.
  • The resume layout used to present the info.
  • The fonts look awesome and very clean.
  • URLs with hashes to forward the user to a specific position.
  • The profile sidebar looks great and well-formatted.
  • The way the contact sidebar is stuck for easier access.

Some ideas I would consider:

  • Each time I refresh your page your image loads through the blur. Consider not using any effect for it, since it is very small and could be well compressed for that size. So it would load fast by nature.
  • I'm not a fan of the yellow-brown color currently used for buttons. Try the shades of other colors that would fit well with yellow. Probably that green used in would look neat. Especially for both Send buttons.
  • I would do all the Choose your Question buttons in different bright colors since they represent different questions. You need to highlight them if you want users to click them. Currently, they look pale.
  • I would sort the skills differently. Try to put them into thematic blocks and display them horizontally (use 3 column layout). You can leave them as a list for the mobile screens if you want.
  • Contacts section seems to be missing on the screen-sizes 650-1000px. See how you can implement them without breaking the layout.
  • Fix the console errors and remove the unnecessary console logs.