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Christopher Daniel
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Portfolio - Tech stack and motivation


It's been so long since I last posted in Dev. I was looking for new ideas for hacking and posts and Digital Ocean hackathon started. I decided to finally create my personal website 😸. It is going to be a static site but with a twist. It will be SPA written in web assembly. Wait What😳 Web Assembly for a portfolio. For justice, I will add webgl components but in future😜

Tech Stack

  • Yew Framework for writing wasm components. Yew is a frontend framework written in rust and is compiled to wasm target using wasm-bindgen
  • YBC yew component library based on bulma
  • Webpack for compiling and bundling rust, wasm, js, sass,css etc
  • Docker for deploying the static app in digital ocean app platform

Code Editor - Jetbrains Clion. To accelerate development I have used yew webpack starter template

Why I chose this Tech Stack

I wanted to learn rust and wasm and yew seems to be the best bet. At first I tried the minimal yew setup and I was able to deploy it. Hooray❗. Hold on there's a problem, unlike React, Yew and Wasm doesn't have well established tooling. Every time I edit the project, I have to recompile the whole app 😑. I had two options use webpack or trunk a rust wasm bundler. I decided to go with webpack😛.

Additional / More Info

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