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Portfolio - Digital Ocean Hackathon Submission

What I built

I have built my portfolio with Yew framework. Yew Framework❗ heard of it?🤔 It is a frontend framework written in Rust that is similar to React. It has a virtual dom and uses a diffing algorithm to do essential renders like React. It is compiled to wasm and bundled by webpack.

Category Submission:

Personal Site/Portfolio

App Link

Portolio Website


Home Page
Skills Page
Mobile Works Page


Portfolio website built in digital ocean app platform using docker and yew framework

Link to Source Code

Yew Portolio

Permissive License



I wanted to try web assembly and rust for a long time. I was lacking motivation to learn and rust had a insane learning curve 😁.Also I wanted to build a portfolio for a long time. For portfolio, my first choice is next js SSG but it is not very challenging, I started building it and eventually got bored and dropped the idea. I want to challenge myself to learn WASM, rust🦀 and I believe portfolio could be the first step to try it out💪.

How I built it

My portfolio is a static site, but to generate static files, I need both rust and node js. Pretty complex to deploy 😅, but digital ocean app platform had a special option. You can deploy app with a docker container😲. It's been very long since I last wrote a Dockerfile and now it is a ideal situation for me to refresh😉 .I started building it and the only problem is only one week left to complete my submission. Let us see how I finished the app from the first link in the series, if you have not done yet.

Additional Resources/Info

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Bobby Iliev

This is great! Well done and good luck with the Hackathon! 🙌

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Christopher Daniel