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Discussion on: So you burned out on coding. Now what?

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Christopher Johnston

I understand this so much. When I started my bootcamp I watched all the videos for class, read all the articles, listened to coding podcasts in the car and when I was exercising or washing dishes, and read articles on sites like this in my free time. I even stopped watching TV and just watched coding videos on YouTube instead. I used to think there was something wrong with me but this is a side effect of my ADHD.

I burned out hard about 11 months in; I didn't want to look at code, read about it, or talk about it. It was Virtual Coffee that got me back into code and I'm eschewing web technologies like JS and Node on favor of Python and math.

I'm pursuing this AWS Machine Learning Scholarship and whether I get or not it will strengthen some key skills that I want to improve and it might help in my next journey. I'm seriously considering another bachelor's, but in mechanical engineering this time. 🛠️

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Sam Sonter

i just keep reading books to know basics

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Jessi Shakarian Author

We definitely have the same type of ADHD.