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Discussion on: Wordpress Sucks. Let's Switch to Static Site Generators!

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C.S. Rhymes

I completely agree. I also wrote an article about the benefits of static sites.

Just like WordPress themes, there are many themes available for Static Site Generators too. Maybe start with a theme and customise it a bit to see how they work and see which templating engine and build workflow you prefer.

I built a Jekyll theme for my own website and decided to open source it so others could use it too.

I've found that Netlify offers a load of services designed for static sites as well.

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Glenn Paquette Author

Thanks C.S.! I was thinking along the same lines. I've been playing with Hugo today and did just that - loaded a custom theme, added my own content and then edited the theme to make it my own. I learned a lot about how the theme system works and how I could go about building my own. I'd like to incorporate that in the "SSG Saga" - not just an intro to each SSG but also how to edit themes or build your own. I'll try your Jekyll theme when I dive into it!

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