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re: All great intel. Did you find that what you learned about Docker Swarm Mode translated well to working with K8s?

Yes. It shows you an easier way where there is typically only one choice on how to do everything, the Docker way.

Storage is a bit harder though, unless you want NFS.

Deployments are as easy as docker-compose.

I think it’s a great light weight, but limited options, entrance to container orchestration. The EE version supports Kubernetes in parallel with Swarm, but I only used CE.

I’m still getting my feet wet in K8s as well, so I’ll be following your journey to see where our paths parallel and diverge. K8s has so much more to learn, but Swarm got me thinking in the container orchestration cluster mind set. It also let me play with Prometheus, Grafana, and Loki, so I feel less overwhelmed heading back into K8s.

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