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Hi Jess! Thanks for sharing DC Tech stuff on Twitter and the DC Tech slack. It's definitely been helpful in joining the community!

What would you say was the toughest aspect of finding your first developer job?


My own fear hahah - I was SO afraid of the code interview and afraid people would just SLAM me for not knowing everything. That happened maybe twice in my 20 ish first interviews.. most people if you go in with honesty and a positive attitude will give that back to you... also if you are all smiles and willingness to learn, they look like big jerks for shaming you for not knowing something.

Now, I think the junior market is a TAD flooded so that can be hard in getting your first job... grit through it!!


I think that's been a big challenge of mine. I look at the code and think "that's not even possible!" only to step back and realize it totally is. I just completed a code challenge for WaPo, so maybe we'll cross paths soon!

Do you have any tips on "beating the blackhole" when it comes to job portals?

Oh awesome! Good luck!

there is no 'beating the blackhole' unless you have an internal contact. Maybe find their twitter accounts and tweet that you applied? mine linked in for contacts? the blackhole job form is the WORST!!!

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