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Discussion on: The Peregrine programming language - A Python-like language that's as fast as C.

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Valts Liepiņš

Nim also compiles to C, so it's same as Swallow in that manner. Besides Nim is already released language where as Swallow isn't past v1 yet.

Also Nim can compile to JS too.

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SaptakBhoumik • Edited

why is there a need for new programming language, when a very similar, more mature project exists?

We have other languages because of this

Since developing and launching a new language is a very challenging and risky task that will take years of maintenance and improvements, and even then it most likely will not get the traction between programmers to stay alive.

We didnt ask you to take risk. We are taking

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Valts Liepiņš

Obviously the project doesn't affect me in any way.

I simply believe that greater things can be achieved when great minds work on common goal.

Good luck with the project!

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Let them do whatever they want with the project. Let's wait and see whether the outcome and improvements of the project benefits us over time. By the way, the fact is, in most cases especially in our technology domain, great minds (even if they have common goals) don't work together. If it happened, we would have not got different programming languages, operating systems and so on. The goals might change over time. It's better we let them do whatever they want as long as the outcome of their work is going to benefit everyone in the niche. And, although Nim and swallow seem to have common goals for now, we don't know what other goals the swallow team has in its list. They might come up with some additions and improvements over time.

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KerberosMorphy • Edited

Why doing a todo app in react since there's so much todo app... I'm pretty sure the main idea behind Swallow/Peregrine is to do something they want to, they are passionate about and they will be proud.
It's normal to talk about want you're proud of, maybe it is the same thing than Nim, but if you dont make a programming language, you'll never know how to make one... and if it's what they want to learn, this is a great way to do it!
Is this programming language have a futur? Only the futur will tell you
Are the programmers behind that have a futur? Clearly, they are passionate, will learn a lot, want to give to the community, 10/10 they have a future.
And if a beginner want to contribute to this project, it could be easier to him since it's in an early phase and could be easier to understand.
This is not a company looking to take over part of a market, this are individuals looking to learn and share.
So go! Follow your passion and your goal!

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Valts Liepiņš

The second reply in this thread already expressed the same idea:

But of course, if the project's main motivation is learning about language design, parsing, compiling and just for fun, then it makes more sense.
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