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I can attest to the quality of the premium content on Codecademy. Their Career Paths are quite excellent. I've done their CS path (Python based) and that is great for learning basic data structures and algorithms. Their Web Dev path is longer but excellent, going from basic HTML to full stack. Some of it is a bit dated, but it's a great jumping off point. I also did their Intro to C++ and am currently doing Intro to Java.

For more coding interview type questions, I love AlgoExpert.io. I'd suggest doing a basic data structures and algorithms online course though.

Like you, I'm currently going through Eloquent Javascript, and that's an excellent book. I'm also going through two other books, Clean Code and Designing Data-Intensive Applications. The former is about best practices and habits for professional coders. The latter is more systems design.

I'm also experimenting with Pluralsight, which has classes on a lot of different topics, including more advanced topics.

My self-learning has been quite successful. I was recently offered a position as an entry Software Development Engineer at one of FAANG companies. I wish you luck in your journey! =)


First, congrats on your job offer!!! That sure is inspiring to read from a self-learner !!
And thanks for all the tips, I will try and explore them!


I will say that I've had a lot of opportunities that others normally don't have. I've had a lot of chances to use my Python and C++ skills in my Astronomy PhD research, so I've been able to hone those skills. Other than a few odd things here and there though, the core of my skillset is self taught. I've just been lucky. That being said, if you try really hard and have patience, I'm sure you can reach whatever goals you set for yourself.

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