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Discussion on: I Built a Bot to Try and Get Money Back From My Internet Provider

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Matthew Clairmont • Edited

I've thought about doing this with Fios but never followed through. I got the idea from my first IT job where we requested refunds due to outages or low bandwidth supported by a Nagios graph. Did you have any positive results from reporting the slowness to your ISP? Getting a few bucks back off of them would be a good win and worth the setup time if you expanded it to email them with each dip below minimums.

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Andrew Healey Author

It turns out that there weren't any problems with my bandwidth so I've had no contact.

If the graph showed a pattern, I would perform any official ISP speed-tests at the now-predictable slow parts.

I like that automation idea though. Perhaps a Twitter bot!

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Matthew Clairmont

I like it!! Twitter is usually a good way to get the fast attention of customer support reps from bigger companies!