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Discussion on: Git Workflow: Do you commit to master on your solo projects?

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Clay Stewart • Edited

It evolves for me. Like one big side project, I probably committed to master for a year. Then you want to add a feature and you don’t know how it will turn out or you want to refactor a outdated npm library out of your project. And you don’t know how those will turn out and you don’t want to do either on a single commit and so I’d check out a branch in those cases. And it then has its advantages of allowing you to do the more complicated thing and go make some quick UI updates on master and ship faster. All while getting the more complex task done on a branch.

But that’s the changing nature of a web app sometimes. At first you’re getting the core idea down and iterating on a single idea. Once you get a version 1 out, things can get a bit more complex in updating it.