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Discussion on: 10 Things Every Software Developer Should Know

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Mat Miller • Edited on

This post provides a nice visual intro. I would recommend giving each topic a quick 15 minute peruse so you might be able to recall it when a fit for use problem arises. Keep a cloud notebook with you for life. Put everything in there that you find useful.

However, be warned of the rabbit holes with various levels of practical value. You really want to learn meaningful skills not just assembling hacks retrieved from google and compiling.

If possible, meet with someone experienced in your community, preferably at an employer you could see yourself working for, and have them help you create a learning roadmap. Without it, just keep in mind, each topic in this article can be 1-10 years to develop expertise. So, why not go in with a plan?

Otherwise, if winging-it is your style, then just download Microsoft Visual Studio C#.NET and buy yourself a copy of Design Patterns by GoF and build out each pattern. You will learn a great foundational piece of programming in days/weeks. Then add unit testing. Then SQL. Finally, you are ready for user interfaces.

I really recommend the book to learn some technical language. It's especially simple and elegant. Martin Fowler is another notable. You need to be able to articulate programming and be able to communicate ideas with others. Otherwise, you will be limited to your own beginnings and google hacks. I witnessed several programmers transform themselves once equipped with technical language. It's like turning a light on.

Microsoft is very relevant in the workplace and Visual Studio and C#.NET is a fantastic tool.

Hope this helps someone.