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Discussion on: What's the most interesting software development you've ever done?

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When I was a younger dev I had the chance to build a Space Invaders clone in JavaScript for a big pharmaceutical co. where you're nasal spray shooting germs - there was snot :D. It was a lot of fun as it was different from my day-to-day web dev and I enjoy game dev.

A few years ago I worked at the biggest online gamin co. in the world and worked with a highly talented team where we built the largest (and I'm sure the most complex) online bingo game client in PixiJS and Angular (well I came on board during the rebuild/port to Angular 2).

Now I'm working for a co. who only employs polyglots - after learning Go for one project, I'm now learning Scala for another project for one of the biggest co. where we are assisting in building an interconnected big data pipeline to move, crunch and draw analytics from the massive amounts of data they move every second.

On a personal note, I still want to create my own language(s), build an advanced open world simulation/game of our reality (adding VR would be awesome!) and I've always wanted (and started) to build a virtually augmented system that one uses in their every day to store data in and manipulate a "pseudo second reality" by way of a pair of AR glasses or lenses (or brain implant? :)) - similar to Daniel Suarez's Daemon and Freedom (which only helped clarify the idea I've had for years)