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Great article! Congrats with engagement!

Here are a few things that may or may not help:

  • More side projects: Code something that fixes one burning problem for you. For me it was trying for example to meet half way 3 friends, which can be impossible in London, so I started coding on a meet me half way app.

  • Teach: start with non technical people is a great exercise of simplifying complexity. Me trying to explain to my mom while I was practicing for a training, was not only funny but also great for finding simple analogies.

  • Read books: Leverage the time you are waiting in a queue, traffic, commute, wash dishes, by listening to audiobooks. What ever you don't enjoy, make it more fun with books.

  • Hangovers: drink water, dehydration is the biggest contributor to hangover. Take this from a part russian that never had a hangover in her life.

Just try, hope this helps :)

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