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Discussion on: Node.js Certification: My Experience and Advice

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Thank you for your feedback about this certification.
Do you have any precision about your Node.js level before preparing this certification? (how many years of experience? daily use?)

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Konstantin Komelin Author • Edited

As I remember, the Linux Foundation recommended having two years of experience with Node to successfully pass the exam but I think you can have less.

As for my personal prior experience with Node, I had built an API project with Koa and worked with Next.js for about a year before the exam preparation. Also written a couple of chat bots with Express and maybe something else. Node is everywhere today, so I also used it occasionally for frontend projects, for example to configure Server Side Rendering for React apps, etc. Besides that, I had worked with different backend and frontend tech for 13 years, so my case may not be that typical to make conclusions.