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Discussion on: What is better about web development vs native and vice versa?

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Sal Hernandez

For Web Development:

  • A Browser to test your app, in native sometimes you need to run your code on a physical device to test some feature that uses the hardware.
  • Simple web server running when in development, in native you'll need either xcode/android studio running along with either a simulated device or running a connection to talk with a physical device & with ReactNative you need a JS server running to fetch your JS. ahhhh so much!!! Hint: will make it easier)
  • More tutorials, stack overflow, video content to go to for help

For Native:

  • You get access to hardware such as camera, nfc, network connection, etc which make it pretty cool & fun to build features on!
  • Usually are kept simpler than what a Web App would do. So makes it easier to stay small which in term would make it easier to maintain πŸ˜ƒ
  • When deploying your app you get to tell your friends "Check out my app", & they'll say "Is it on the App Store?" & you'll finally get to say "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!"