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Discussion on: ⚡️Reactend "The story of react.js on backend"

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Clifford Fajardo • Edited on

Hey Lukas,
Its an experiment 🧪 - the same arguments can be said about other popular declarative languages. Even though this project doesn't have widespread popularity like React or technologies like HTML its a awesome cool project in my opinion

"that aren't suitable for tasks like this"

  • SQL:
    • when first released people initially didn't like declarative code, since it was yet another abstraction. But would you prefer to manually write up the the highly optimized code from hand that SQL (or any other DB) creates for you during the parsing phase, which then gets analyzed re-written by the query optimizer?
  • HTML/CSS: same here. Id prefer writing this declarative code any day then writing the imperative code which would involve tons of loops, if/else statements etc

When you have a higher level abstraction like this, the underlying code can change without the userland code changing. Maybe today this JSX looking code spits out javascript code, but nothing is stopping people from converting the JSX input into Rust or whatever compile target you wish

Many people and companies are already doing stuff like this (abstracting the imperative code with declarative code) at scale ...Google, Facebook you name it

This project is in its infancy; there are pros and cons to imperative and declarative languages