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I tried it, but still think it falls behind most of the good Java IDE's (which I never considered Eclipse to be).
I like vscode for pretty much everything other than java or c/c++, .net, where the best of breed tooling is far far ahead (intellij and visual studio imho).

It is a great tool though, and made radical and important ripples on the development tooling world.

Glad you changed for better! But it wasn't hard 😝


Agreed. I think VSCode can’t compete with a full fledged IDE like IntelliJ for Java or VS for .NET. It’s alright for everything else but for Java or C#, I need those tools that VSCode just doesn’t offer.

Also, if you’re an Eclipse user, you NEED to try out IntelliJ.


Yes I will get a try quickly ! thanks !


IntelliJ lately started freezing and slowing down, but this is in regards to Kotlin. Haven't used Java in couple of months but I guess it would be the same. For some scripting stuff like Apache Camel K, I used VS code for Groovy but I guess having 1 file for each integration would better be with VS Code than IntelliJ as you don't care about indexing and such in these scenarios.


Sometimes it is hard just because of the habits... I started coding on Java using Eclipse 8 years ago, then changing is very hard. Goal of the article is to try to speak to other Eclipse users ;)


I have developed both in Eclipse and Intellij and I didn't find Intellij better than Eclipse in any significant way.
May I ask why do you find Intellij "best of breed tooling" and don't consider Eclipse a "good Java IDE"? I am not being sarcastic, I am genuinely curious.
PS: Just today I installed Eclipse 2020-9 and I am definitely finding it at par with Intellij which comes at a cost of $150-200.

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