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Discussion on: The Art of Programming

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Chris Quinn

Especially when it comes to formatting and organizing the code that you write. I can't stand when I open another developers file and it's just all over the place. It really irks me. Take pride in your work, because someone else is going to see it, do you want them to be happy/impressed by how well you have formatted/documented/organized your code, or do you want them to be upset that you just didn't give a $hit - we have to all stick together and realize that one day someone is going to have to modify our work, no matter how miniscule it may feel at the time, it may be that one function that you didn't comment that takes a beginner programmer all day to figure out because you didn't comment your code, and that programmer may give up all together, but if you would have commented your code, he would have changed the world! You never know.