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2021 Is jQuery Dead ?

Now that it's 2021 can we say jQuery is Dead now ?

Would you tell new Devs to learn it ?

What use cases does JQuery have in 2021 ?

What do you think ?

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Benjamin Huff

I probably wouldn’t tell new developers to learn it.

That being said, jQuery is dying a slow death—but it’s still around. I use it at work. And I recently took a .NET certification course where one of the lecturers said front end frameworks like React and Angular are great, but jQuery’s AJAX is hard to beat for what it does.

So learn those front end frameworks, and if you have time and motivation maybe dip your toe in the water with jQuery.

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It's feasible to use React with jQuery, if only for jQuery's AJAX requests. They are fairly easy to use. That being said there are probably better options for that, for instance fetch, or axios.

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Ah, so it sounds like a lot of legacy app used jQuery. Guess I'll do a crash course when I have to support it.

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jQuery jsut is not popular

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