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What's the most impressive software you wrote?

What's the most impressive software you wrote?

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Unfortunately, much of the world's most impressive software is closed source, internal to organizations, and can't be discussed publicly. I've got a few such projects.

In general, I usually think whatever my latest software release is "the most impressive." It's whatever is on my mind. I just released this Javascript File Explorer widget within the last week:

So, to me, that's the most impressive software I've written - at least recently. But to someone else, it's probably not as impressive for whatever their reasons might be. The important thing to me is to learn something new and interesting in the process. I don't think anyone can fault the attempt to learn new things.

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Dan Silcox

It’s not necessarily impressive but one of the most fun things I’ve written (fun to write and by all accounts fun to play!) is this memory game - source here - never made a game before or done much with electron so it was great fun to learn lots and quite addictive to play/test! I even did a talk on it for a local meet up :)

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Bobby Iliev

Look at this beauty:


echo "Hello World!"
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Nick Mudge

I just published RunCSS which is a runtime version of TailwindCSS!