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Matias Forbord

Documentation on state is right around the corner and is being discussed in the Discord community right now, but here's a quick answer:

How do I manage global state? / Where do I use Vuex/Redux/Mobx?

The answer is mind boggling because of how simple it is; you don't. It kind of feels like something is missing, coming from the big web frameworks where thinking about state is a huge part of the day to day work.

When working with the web directly, instead of through the virtual DOM layer of abstraction, it can be as simple as this:

1) Make a new file for state to live in - for example state.imba
2) Export a regular Javascript object to use as the default state - for example:

export let state = {
    answer: 42,
    question: "The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything"
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That covers the concept of global state, MUTATIONS and GETTERS. For the concept of ACTIONS we can add this, for example:

export def increment

export def decrement
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3) Use it wherever you need. Here's a full app that imports the state above and uses it for an important calculation:

import {
} from './state'

tag app
            if state.answer !== 42
                "A number"
        <button @click=decrement> "-"
        <pre> state.answer
        <button @click=increment> "+"

imba.mount <app>
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Here's a little repo of the above example:

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Wow . This is awesome !

One more question:
Can you bind to state ? If state changes from one component can you force an automatic update in another component connected/dependent on the same state variable ?