re: Create a Fullstack Blog App with Next.js, Prisma 2 and Docker- Part I Setup the Repo and Configure the Backend VIEW POST

re: @codemochi Excellent post. Waiting for the Part 2 of this series.

Thanks Nirmal! I'll do you one better- we have part 2 and 3 out as of today! Check out the top of this post for the series links to the other posts on dev.to or go straight to the source:


Thanks CodeMochi.

I am getting this error when i cloned from the github.

Am i missing something. But i can able to access the GraphQL Playground and not the App from 3000 port.

Can you tell in your terminal what the error is? You should see that docker-compose is listing the output of all your containers and you can look at what is going on with the frontend container. I wonder if you ran npm stop and npm start if that would fix it. Maybe some error happened during the build of the frontend container.

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