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Worth mentioning, Python is consistently in the top three highest paying languages in the industry, even outside the context of the "Big Four". I also saw nothing in here about data science, machine learning, or embedded technology, which are major sectors right now.


That they are Jason! Thanks for the reply. That is good for people to know if they don't quite know what Python is capable of or the subfields in python! I know little to none about those major sectors so thanks for mentioning them. They are intriguing. Jabrils and Mark Rober use them on YouTube for some AWESOME content.


(Side note, COBOL, FORTRAN, and PHP aren't "popular" any more, but there's a lot of very well-paying demand for programmers who are proficient those languages.)

I keep hearing "PHP is dying" which may be true but you definitely bring up that it is still around. There are tons of companies in the world that use those languages and pay well as you said. I think people get hung up on FAANG or startups too much. When in reality almost every company needs developers for something.

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