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re: "Junior developer ego" is that a pointer to overly being defensive? or being proud generally?

It has many flavors, including:

  • "I know what I'm doing, let me work my magic."
  • "I'm the most talented developer you'll ever meet. Let me teach you a think or two."
  • "What could a(n) person ever teach me?"
  • "You'd be fools not to hire me."
  • "I'm already so proficient, you're just a way to get 'experience' to prove what I already know."

The two most absurd candidates in this way we've encountered were:

(a) A 19-yr-old who had built "half an app in C#" (and nothing else), but was determined to school everyone in the company at how we should be building software, and

(b) A candidate in his late 30s who showed up to the interview wearing dirty, torn clothes, and whom hadn't showered or brushed his teeth (I could smell him when he shook my hand), and proceeded to tell us what a brilliant coder he was...when his code was actually sub-par by even our forgiving standards. And then he tells us he had already taken another job, but "he could fit us in maybe".

Wow! 😂

I guess a lot about being a junior developer is tied to the trait of BEING HUMBLE (especially since transitioning is dependent on how well Juniors act upon feedback. No one will want to give feedback to a proud folk)

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