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re: Is GitHub killing the competition? VIEW POST


People are always afraid to compete with The Big Boys On The Playground, and it is undeniably hard to make money doing so. However, GitHub's popularity isn't infinite. Someday it, like everything, will become passé.

In the meantime, businesses should still try to compete with GitHub, as one of them will undoubtedly supplant it someday in the future. Is it hard? Yes, simply because GitHub is so darn good at everything they do, but GitHub isn't perfect.

For my company, we use Phacility's Phabricator instead of GitHub for our workflow, simply because it fits our needs better. Phacility, like Atlassian and GitLab, are definite competitors to GitHub, and that keeps all parties striving towards better products and services.

In short, when everyone is trying to beat GitHub at their own game (and the other way around), everybody wins.


Oh, first time to hear about "Phabricator". Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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